ABOUT WorkMed International

 Workmed International is a leading provider of elective overseas placements for Medical, Nursing, and Midwifery students. Our mission is to offer unique, immersive, and professionally enriching experiences in Accra, Ghana, that combine clinical exposure, skill development, and cultural exchange. We believe that by exposing students to different healthcare systems and cultural backgrounds, we can contribute to the growth of well-rounded healthcare professionals who can provide better care to diverse patient populations.

Our commitment to ethical and responsible practices, along with our focus on student safety and well-being, has earned us the trust and respect of educational institutions and students worldwide. We are dedicated to creating positive impacts on the communities we work with, and we strive to promote cultural understanding and exchange between our participants and the local population.

Through our well-structured programs, strong local partnerships, and unwavering dedication to our mission, WorkMed International continues to provide exceptional elective placements to Medical, Nursing, and Midwifery students, preparing them for successful careers in healthcare.

Medical Electives Placements

Invaluable opportunities for medical students to gain hands-on clinical experience and expand their horizons.

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Midwifery Placements

Invaluable opportunities for medical students to gain hands-on clinical experience and expand their horizons.

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Nursing Placements

Invaluable opportunities for medical students to gain hands-on clinical experience and expand their horizons.

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What is WorkMed International, and what do you offer?

WorkMed International specializes in providing elective overseas placements for medical, nursing, and midwifery students. We offer unique opportunities for hands-on clinical experience in Ghana.

How do I apply for an elective placement with WorkMed International?

To apply, simply visit our website and navigate to the hospitals page. Select any of the hospitals. At the bottom of the page is the Application form. Detailed instructions and requirements can be found in our “Application Process” section.

Where can I go for my elective placement?

WorkMed International offers placements in Ghana. Check our “Our Program Offers” page and select any of the Tour Ghana options. 

Are WorkMed International's elective placements accredited or recognized by my university?

Our elective programs are designed to meet university requirements, and many students have successfully received academic credit for their participation. We recommend contacting your university’s elective coordinator for confirmation.

How long is the typical elective placement duration?

Our elective placements typically last between 1 to 6 weeks. Specific durations are outlined on the pricing page.

What are the eligibility criteria for participating in WorkMed International's programs?

To participate, you must be a current medical, nursing, or midwifery student. Please review our “Application Process” section for details.

What kind of support and assistance will I receive during my elective placement?

We provide comprehensive support, including accommodation arrangements, local orientation, and access to our 24/7 in-country support. Learn more in our “Pricing” page.

How do I ensure my safety and well-being during my elective abroad?

Your safety is our priority. We provide comprehensive travel insurance, pre-departure safety briefings, and access to local support staff in case of any concerns.

What is the cost of participating in WorkMed International's elective programs?

Program fees vary based on the duration. Detailed pricing information is available on our “Pricing” page.


Thank you for taking the time to consider workmed. We look forward to all you enquiry. we would respond with eagerness and engage further.

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